shawn is a multi-disciplined graphic designer who considers himself a typographic illustrator developer brand consultant he has been a freelancing in the graphics game for the better half of the past decade. primarily he offers brand development and content creation for print and web.

after his recent pursuit into learning code, he is now currently teaching himself python scripting to both pioneer and challenge his workflow and broaden the limitations of design and tools in which we use as designers.

the current climate of design is changing as rapidly. anyone with an internet connection can get "their favorite" logo designed just to their liking, slap it on a wix page and call it a day. shawn sees the value of his work in the fabric of the business relationship and not so much in the instagramability and trendability of things. shawn aims to build long lasting quality design systems and meaninful brands.


self-employed abroad

independent contractor; graphic designer

forest lake pets; mn 2017 to present

branding; art direction; logo design; signage; menu design; experiential in-store signage design; ux; marketing; social media; poster design; stationary; technical design; custom type design; wayfinding; customer experience;

catfish nyc; 2018 to present

typeface and logo design; branding; art direction; signage; menu design; experiential in-store design; ux; marketing; social media; poster design; stationary; merch design; concept development

spaceclub vintage; 2019 to present

branding; art direction; logo design; signage; brand guidelines; marketing; social media; stationary;

design bridge; nyc 2018

marketing and brandig design for new campaign and demographic shift; josh cellars llc; josh wines; point of sales; poster design; concept development; market stress testing

ipsos; nyc 2016 to 2018

presentation design; deck elevation; infographic design; color theory; branding; research; experiential design; ux ui;

kiyas delicias; nyc 2016 to present

branding; art direction; logo design; signage; menu design; experiential in-store design; ux; marketing; social media; poster design; stationary;

knickerbocker sailing association; 2017, 2018

event branding; fundraisingl; promotional marketing materials; art direction; logo design; merchandise; social media; poster design; stationary;

sylvain labs; nyc 2017

branding; iconography; brand concepting; consumer touchpoints; public wayfinding; ideation; company pitch; presentation design; deck elevation

24 seven; nyc

independent contractor; graphic designer

mustache agency; nyc 2019

presentation design; illustration; deck elevation; internal branding; brand guidelines;

viacom/ mtv/ vh1; nyc 2017 to 2018

mtv; quarterly reports; vh1; bustop ads; stationary; black ink crew; promo love & hip hop; promo real housewives of atlanta; vh1s save the music foundation;

chase design group; nyc 2016

consumer packaged goods (cpgs); seasonal product design; point of sales hook; package design; lettering illustration; seasonal design concepts

intrepid mpls; mn 2010 to 2016

owner & operator; project manager; art director; graphic designer

graphics and web-design boutique studio of 4; specializing in integrating branding in digital and printed spaces; operations manager; studio manager; silkscreen specialist; poster design; logo creation; stationary; brand strategy; brand guidelines; front-end; web-design; pixel-perfect digital asset creation; ux + ui design; wire-frameing; brand consultant; purchasing; sales representative; event branding;
twin cites film fest; parascope; chowgirls; shoogar records; dangerous man brew co;

overproof; mn; 2010 to 2015

senior silk-screen printmaker; supervisor; designer

supervisor; hand-pulling all merch; designer; color specialist; design consultant; creative direction; pre-press set-up; logistics; sales representative; customer service; cataloging; merchandising; staging; photography; in- store branding; web-design; social media management; color theory; pantone perfect proofs; digital mockups; specialty garments; limited-runs; technical and large-format setup; logo design; stationary; self-promotional media

janine antoni; nyc 2015

custom sculpture storeage fabrication and technical construction for large pieces milagros series

mvs studios; nyc 2017 to present

event tech; photographer event specialist; technical stageing lighting and set-up; customer service

night kitchen; nyc 2018 to present

captain; server; bartender; wedding experience; mitzvahs; customer service; parties; birthdays; events; fundraisers; corporate events; tastings


ai minneapolis, mn


chris toonen
aaron uhnger
maxx coleson
nethanya clayton-fehrman


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graphic designer, illustrator, brand developer, type illustrator, type designer, photographer, principled design systems, logo design, stationary design, silk-screen printing, menu design, custom type, merchandise design